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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Quick Trip

We made a wonderful trip to see our newest grandbaby and, hopefully, here will be a picture of same with other family members--The Dad or-to be more specific this time-the Granddad. He is so proud. Not that I am not, mind you. His big brothers are thrilled and so sweet with him. Jonathan says, "I'm really happy to be a big brother." Andy goes to touch him and says "He is so very, very, very cute." And, believe me, they are too!!!! Jonathan thinks that Andrew loves being a big brother now too, "He never got to be a big brother before."

We made a very quick trip: up Sun. and back today, but it was worth it. Always good to see the family, right? I may be too tired to work (I am too tired to spell, it seems tonight--I've had to go over word after word!!) tomorrow but it will have been worth that too!!!!



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