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Musings from Mama

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Nicer One

Well, since I published a frustrated post, I need to do a nice one: and I have plenty to be grateful for!

Had a wonderful, fantastic, and every nice word I have Thanksmasgiving with all the family here! Love it when that happens!! Found a great Christmas gift for the adult kids that they liked and we did too (and we got to have the children which was an added pleasantry). The little guys are so wonderful and fun!! Gramps and I had a great time, though, when he was asked to baby-sit, he kinda had a bit of ummm, shall we say, ummm "forgetfulness." OK, so they got away with murder but it was funny too!! Once, I went downstairs to call them to dinner and the Christmas ornaments were strewn all over the rooms and the boys were jumping on the beds. Gramps? He was reading!!!! I had to laugh!!

Wheeeee!! And my photo came right up! Oh, I am sooooo happy with my new internet server!! Well, yeah, they are eating cookies for snack. Guess Granny let them get away with stuff too!

Well now, let's see if this one gets through.

God Bless you, one and all.


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