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Musings from Mama

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Crisis---AGAIN!!!

Oh No!! Whatever shall I do??? My Home publishing no longer works!! I tried uninstalling it--many times; tried re-installing it--also many times and even tried instlling the Express version and it refuses to work. I am sooooo upset cause all my cards are there (and I hvae 257 of them or thereabouts).

The Dad finally came up with a solution but it is pitifully long: I put them on my flash drive or whatever that little thing is called; then put them on the laptop, print it to xps or something like that, then I can take it to the real computer and print from there. Takes a very long time but won't lose the babies' books or my favorite cards I made.

And he says it is no longer even available!!! My little heart is broken!!

I suppose I will learn to use Publisher which I don't like at all--Oh, I jsut realized all my Camp brochures are on that program too. I think I will just go crawl into a hole and cry.

Well, I do feel better physically right now. Think I will just go watch my NEW Chonda Pierce DVD TheDad got me!! He's goooooooood.

God's Blessings to all.


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