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Musings from Mama

Monday, December 26, 2005

Good Ol' Brian

Awwwwwww right! After many hours' work and about 10 e mails from Brian, I think I have this blog all done right. Brian is a saint, I would like everyone to know, because he didn't once roll his eyes and huff because of all the problems I have had. Now, how would I know that since I didn't even see him?????? I am just guessing! But would he roll his eyes at dear old Big Mama? For a while, I must admit, I have lost sight of the reason for getting up this Blog anyway which was to be able to reply to some others' blogs. It became a challenge to see if I could do it with only far away instructions. For everyone's information: Brian is good at talking one through difficult problems and seems really patient.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Happy 38th to us! We've let each other live another 38 years: may we be so fortunate for the next 38. So exciting. Went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, The Acropolis and had the best waiter we had ever had (and we said so to his manager) even for there which has some great waitstaff. Came home, called kids,and he read the paper and a book and I played with my blog. Oh well, that is what happens when you're old.

We'll party for the next couple of days too! Extended Christmas! Merry Christmas to all! Hopefully this will go through. I am still learning and thanks to Brian for talking me through this!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Highlights of Office Party

We attended the only Christmas Office party I have ever enjoyed. It was non-threatening and not very many people around: just what I like. We went to Land Between the Lakes here in KY and ate at Patti's Place which is an "1880 settlement" but nothing like The Sister's place of business. As far as I could see in the dark by Christmas lights, it is a lot of nice old buildings in which are gift shops. Oh, and a little farm petting zoo. The Christmas lights were fabulous though and the food was worth driving 100 miles for.

The next morning, we went home the long way down through a road called "The Trace" through a nature preserve and went through an Elk and Bison Prairie. We saw a herd of bison but no elk as we were late leaving the hotel and they were probably all in church (which we missed). Would enjoy going in the summer when we can get out places. Went home through Tn. and typically Vinson fashion, got lost on the way back but we are home now so aren't lost forever.

But now, the real Highlight: The Tiny Town Christmas Parade

As we were traveling along the highway, mind you, minding our own business (me minding Larry's, of course) some lady jumped out wildly waving her arms to flag us down. The pick up in front of us pulled over and i thought Larry was gonna run her down but he, too, eventually pulled to the side of the road just in time for the parade to pass us. No, no Road Closed barriers were up. Probably didn't expect any foreigners to be around that time Sunday morning. All 10 or 20 citizens were out to see the big event. First came a car with windows up and people waving from within: I expect some important person. Next was the fire engine and a rescue truck. Oh, it was led by the police officer in a real police car. Then,-are you ready for this?-4, yes, 4 coal trucks a couple of which were festooned with a red bow. I believe one of them was a coal mine rescue truck. These hardy souls were throwing candy out an OPEN window onto the street and toward a teenage girl standing in her yard. Maybe this is a coal town.... Following that was a camoflage jeep carrying 4 guys dressed the same AND WALKING behind were 2 women--same dress! Yes, even here in the South, the men rode and women walked. Finally at the rear, came ol Santa in a pick up bed with a few kids throwing Candy also. The parade ended on the same exciting tone as it began as people rushed into the street to rescue the candy lying there all lost and alone. Including the teenage boy who, of course, was too cool to catch it as they threw it. A fun ending to an exciting weekend! Oh, did I mention Larry won a prize in the only game we played????