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Musings from Mama

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poor Ol' Pitiful.....

Poor old pitiful is hardly enough to say for him but, as you can see, he can still do e bay! Took me days to get out of him what happened but, as far as I understand, some lady had made "something" ( who? what???) and he was taking it out of the microwave at work. It was too hot but he took it anyway ("Take it, Take it, it's hot!!"--ask a Vinson), dropped it onto the countertop and hot grease splashed onto his fingers--all of them except his little thumbs. He and Phil, his boss, don't need that much grease anyway. Says after that he couldn't eat it!

Came home with bandaids all over his fingers and I worried about it so. Never did see it! The next day, he went to the walk-in clinic in Owensboro and got them fixed up right. He didn't like the way they did it so he had me "improve" upon it ( the green bandage). he didn't like the way I did it either so he commanded me as I was doing it. IF the picture gets on here, don't think I did that awful looking bandaging alone. A good patient, he isn't! He goes back to the ER clinic today so I hope he is fixed up again.

Of course, he went to work!!! Yesterday, he got a ride but only because I needed the car. Wish he wouldn't try to drive but, oh well..... He isn't home yet so I hope he gets here in one piece.

I'm Not Bored.....

I'm not bored, I'm not bored, I'm not bored...!! My first whole week out of school and I'm not bored. In our family, if the kids claimed boredom, B.M. always had work to do: wash walls, wash windows, etc. Walls are done. Too cold for windows, but i think God is laughing at me for worrying about it!
Has definitely NOT been a quiet, easy week starting with Tues. I spent a nice leisurely few minutes talking with Ma while the laundry did its thing. Then went to put clothes in the dryer. I had the first inkling of a mishap when I had to wade in water to get to the washer. Yes, Once again, the drain had overflowed. This is the first time I had to do it all alone but I did get the things moved and the water up, fans on the floor, etc. Oh yes, did I mention that it had, of course, run downstairs in the overloaded storage room? I had most of the shelves unloaded and the water up from that room when the poor old Dad came home from work with all his fingers bandaged (more about that later). He had to do the very heavy stuff and get the rug out. One of the printers he has stashed around leaked ink onto the rug which, subsequently, leaked all over the good carpet as he was taking it out. Yeah, guess who had to clean that too--but it is all gone so that is all good.
Now the nice family room looks like a war zone with all the junk all over drying out. I guess I will begin putting it back soon. I am so sore---. the dad's car has been in the shop and so I have been carless but did take him away EARLY yesterday (in the fog and dark, i might add) to get a ride. I feel better having him not drive anyway!
Anyway, plenty to do. I get to work Mon. anyway. Have a great day.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Cut In Stone Now--Maybe

The Dad's going to retire! It is almost semi-official: we made a paper chain! How more definite can you get???!!! Just says to me that we have too much time on our hands. Well, so we spent Sunday afternoon, instead of doing all the jobs we had on "the list," making a looooooooong paper chain. It is 31 weeks and some days. Now, will he take them off at the proper time? No, but it is done.
He plans to retire the day before my birthday and, hopefully, I won't get sick that day because he is waiting until then because the insurance before Medicare kicks in for me is outrageously expensive--unless it is through his company. Then it is still horrid but not as bad. Makes me feel guilty that he could be footloose and fancy free (strange cliche) except for me. Won't say what I feel about it in my down-days! Guess that's the "worse" part of "for better or worse" in those wedding vows, huh?
I have exciting plans and look forward to his being home and cooking dinner when I am working and away. But it is a little scary too: though I have told him that he has to stay off my turf. Once (or more) when he was out of work, he decided it was necessary to supervise my kitchen and alphabetize my spices among other things. Dern it, I am still hunting some of them. Well, almost, anyway. Anyway, we can go off to see the Grandkids whenever we want--or almost anyway: when they will have us! And when I can get away. He has a zillion projects-some of which are just in my mind-to keep himself busy; and he loves puttering about his acres. Then there's always his chickens and e bay to keep him busy. I will be jealous (not really: my work is my choice!). Is this a party occasion?????
by the way: NO!!!! The chain does not live on the fan in the living room. He has moved it!