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Musings from Mama

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and DANG!!!

Blast it anyway!! First my Suzy Homemaker award has been revoked and now my Computer Guru Certificate has been dashed at my feet!! I'm a failure!!

Suzy went a few days ago: I decided to replace my Winnie the Pooh bedroom decorations that I'd had since before we moved here even with, what else?, John Deere. Off I went to the store and found J.D. border to put up--not even looking to see that it WASN'T already sticky but had to be put in water to make the glue work. I've never done that and didn't want to, but for the grandboys, anything, right? Right.

The first section I put up, I must have left in the water too long or out of the water too long. Anyway, it just refused to stick. I had to go and find the trusty old wallpaper paste that I use for NOT that(!) and make that mess. Finally, after an hour or more, got that one up and started on the next one. Well, it went up a bit easier but not a lot. The third one went better--some, but when it was all finished, one row was 2" lower than the first one. I tried (well, it had started out at 4 inches difference!!) again and then had to use the wallpaper paste on the next one. Finally, the whole room was a mess but I got it on--still 2 inches differences but you have to really want to find that and if you do--I'll kill you! Then the Dad came in and found that the tops of all the border was coming off and we spent another hour or so gluing that on. I've learned--and the Grandsons will NEVER get other borders on that room!!! Well, until they can do it themselves. Then Someone Cute had the audacity to mention, "You know, they will come in here and if there's one tiny space, they will rip it off." Wash his mouth with soap!!!

So today, I decided to sign up with Global Mission Outreach to be a volunteer online missionary. Sounds good, right? Right. the application, so it said, would take about 1/2 hrs. to complete so I embark on that journey. If you try this, it is a good thing to do, but just know that unless you are a LOT faster than I am, it DOESN'T take 1/2 hrs. but more like 1 1/2 hrs. Now the pain: I got to the very last page where you do the derned user name and password. Finally get it to be right and---------it refused to do anything to let me finish. Just says "Page 5 of 6 completed" and every time I pushed Finish it did nothing. Now I am very frustrated but did a dreadful thing. I pushed the Go Back Button which said the web page had expired and wouldn't let me back on. I want to chop up my computer into little pieces!!

I ended up calling the lady on the web page phone # but I had to sign off to get to her and, of course, lost all that work. She was very nice and sympathetic and tried to help but I could have hit her when she ended with "have a nice day." I think I won't be an online missionary!!! Maybe that is their way of weeding out the impatient or something!!!!

Bye now. Have a nice day. And my next posting will have, I hope, pictures of my un-failure!!!!