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Musings from Mama

Monday, February 01, 2010


Finally I have one project completely done! I finished the last of the little Raggedy Andy shirts to give to the little girl to whom I gave the dolls. I'm so glad. Now I have nothing sitting on, or in, my sewing machine waiting for attention. It's been a long time. And I cleaned out my drawer that I had all that stuff in. Have gotten rid of most of my excess fabric--so when I pass on to Glory, my survivors won't have to wonder what on earth to do with all Mother's fabric. Except for..I have a pretty green piece of silky fabric that The Daughter thought she might need one day. Hummm, we bought it when she married, think she still might want it??? Now she sews better than I!
Only other major project I remember needing to do, and I'm working on it, is print photos of our London trip to add to my scrapbook. I'd say it is about time!! I will probably have to send a photo now and then to The Doctor to find out what it is!!
Oh well, off to learn more about Word (and give The Dad the Internet).
God's blessings!