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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An Adventure: My Final Catch-Up Blog

Trips are fun and I do so enjoy driving on Freeways--as opposed to back roads. I feel safer and can go so much faster; much the opposite of beloved husband. So, here I am, driving 65 mph, along with other traffic on Interstate 465, middle lane, on the way home from The Daughter's. Life's Good; I'm happy and he is resting. Around me speeds a red pick up loaded with furniture-know where I'm going with this?-and I comment to The Husband, "I don't feel comfortable behind this dude full of furniture with his straps blowing in the breeze." I begin to move to the right lane even though he is in the far left. However, the 2- 18 wheelers behind me were there first so I am waiting and signaling.

No sooner have I said that when, sure enough, the whole living room of furniture comes flying out of the truck across all of the lanes. I love red couches, really I do but it is very scary having one heading toward ones windshield!!! Thank God for 18 Wheelers, those anyway, who slowway down and let me fly over to the berm barely missing the couch!

The Dad was wonderful. He didn't yell at me or anything; simply said "Go right!" which was what I was doing but he said later that he thought I looked uncertain about what to do--and he was right but that was the only option I had.

It's amazing what you notice in circumstances like that: I noticed that all 4 of the spindle legs on the couch were still intact and they were sliding on the pavement very nicely. I noticed the 2 chairs, and many, many pillows flying all around.

I drive on down the road and it isn't until many miles later that I think, "Omigosh, I should at least have stopped and offered to help!" How's that for a Bad Samaritan Story?! I did notice the guy stopping and getting out. I say a prayer for them and we discuss the dialogue probably going on in the truck at the time and I drive on noticing every loaded vehicle for the rest of the trip. I do hope the couple is still together and alive. Should I have stopped? I don't know. I didn't and that's it for now. Can't change it now, can I? Sorry. No real pictures!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

More Questions

Nice Son (not that the other one isn't!!) gave me more questions to answer cause I like to do it. If it bores you, don't read this! Someone wanted him to make questions for him as I had for B. so he just sent them on to me too. Here goes:

1. What is your greatest spiritual gift and how do you use it? Well, they change over the years I have decided but right now, I think it would have to be Encouragement. Or maybe Teaching. I am using it at the cancer center right now as I minister to patients in various forms and treatments of cancer. When they know I have been through the treatments, though mine wasn't really malignant, they just want to talk and share feelings. I am able to do that kind of things well. And I call and check up on them after they have been finished for a while and that makes them feel remembered. Am teaching classes in coping with cancer from the spiritual and emotional side and, if they ever take off, I think that will be an encouragement. Also, I am trying to be more aware and considerate of people in the community who do services for me-like servers at restaurants, etc,-and tell them when they have done a very good job and thank them.
2. If Hollywood were making your life's story, what songs would be on the soundtrack? Too Fat Polka, and Mrs. Goldfarb.
3. Most embarrassing thing I've done on purpose? Hummmmm, embarrassing to whom? Once I painted my brother's feet black with shoe polish while he slept. Didn't embarrass me but he found it a bit frustrating. I'm still sorry I didn't do a moustache or something. For me, at the time it was only funny but when I think of it now, it does embarrass me: when in college, I pretended to be mentally handicapped and went to sit on Santa's lap in the mall. Santa was a bit unnerved but handled it well! My friends found it hysterical and I am ashamed of myself now.
4. IF I were CEO of major corporation, what would it be and what big initiative would I undertake. Have I said yet that you make hard questions??!! This is really far-reaching to think that I would ever do such, but I think I would have 2. The School System would be one. I would kick out everyone who is in charge high up, of course and put the people who really know the children in charge--that would be the classroom teachers(!) who would know what is age-appropriate for kids to be learning. There are several other things i would change but that is the biggest and most of them would be solved by that little change! Also, The Church. I would have all the Denominations to sit down together and work out all their stupid little difficulties and be friends-oh, that is going to happen One Day, isn't it?? I would make them throw out all their preconceived notions (my own denomination included, you realize) and go back to the Bible for all their doctrines.
5. What Old Testament event would I like to witness? Hummm, lots of them. But not Isaiah's running through the streets naked.... I think Elijah's translation would be best maybe.
How's that? This was fun but was HARD!!!! I liked it!!

Very Behind!!

I got way behind in my blogging the last couple of months and so now i have to use a bunch of blogs to catch up.

My first catch up and the most fun, I am sure, were my last 2 visits with the Noblesville contingent. The first one was a week, more or less, while the Daughter re-lived Civil War. The boys and I had a wonderful time! Little Adam was a bit traumatized as he absolutely hated to leave Mama--or Daddy if Mama was gone. Really, he was fine when they were out of sight and ear shot but if they were around, he had to be with them. However, as they were mostly gone, he tolerated Grandma really well. Cute as a little bug! He learned to use his sippy cup and really enjoyed it--and can that boy Eat!!! Stuffs into his mouth as fast as his little hands can shove. We played outside and he seemed to love the feel of the grass on his feet.

Mark was, as usual, so much fun!! Grandpa had sent him a "new" sandbox but didn't send sand so while he was waiting for sand, he transferred the 1 cup or so, of sand from his old sand box to the new one and was perfectly content playing in that! Yes, he did get sand a day or so later!! He and I went up to Ohio to the family there and took Jonathan his late, very late, birthday gifts. I was a bit nervous as I had never taken him a long way before. We had a ball! Going up, he was so very excited and chattered away. I was somewhat concerned as we left the gas station in his hometown on the way up when he questioned, "Jona-fen's house closer now?" Was it going to be a take-off on the old, "Are we about there?" But he just mentioned a few times that Jonathan's house was "far, far away." Oh, and he did say, "Jona-fen's watching at the window." We had a great time! He and Jonathan had a wonderful time and I was amazed at how well they shared. Jonathan was the greatest at sharing his new birthday toys and they would often ask, "May I please have it now?" Not perfect, of course, but perfect for their ages! Coming back, he was very quiet. You see, Uncle David and Uncle Brian had given him a tractor and some small cars they had had when they were kids and he was completely in awe. The whole trip back, he clutched the tractor in one hand while holding the tray of cars on his lap and rubbing them occasionally. I don't think he even took one out the entire 2 1/2 hrs we drove.

OK, so now this last weekend, we-Grandpa and I- went up for a quick trip. My high school alumni banquet was then and I decided to go for the first time. It was nice and I enjoyed seeing the "girls" and husbands whom I regularly see when I am Up North, but the best part, of course, was spending more time with the Grandguys. it is amazing how much they change over a couple of weeks!!

Adam has now given up his terror at Mommy's leaving and will let anyone hold him. Still prefers Mom but is OK with either grandparent it seems-or anyone else I guess. Guess what idiot forgot her camera.... But I was able to beg some photos off Tim anyway. We took up some special guests with us: 3 baby chicks whose mom got eaten (by raccoons if you're interested). They could have been left home with someone to watch them but we decided they guys would enjoy seeing them. Mark was ecstatic! He was amazed at their "little eyes" and "soft fea-vers" though he tried a couple of times to say "feathers" the "th" just wouldn't come through. He was really good with them but really enjoyed visiting with them. He was utterly thrilled that Grandpa was there and couldn't get over his good fortune at having him there. Jenny and I were thrilled that he was so thrilled! Little Adam just wanted to get into the box. He held out his little arms and leaned as far as Grandpa would let him! He had fun too. Mark tells me that the "Chicks are happy." and also corrected me when I called them "chickens."

Adam is Grandma's little Charismatic--YESSSSSSS! In church, every time the music would start, he would stand up, start dancing and jumping and even clapped his little hands once or twice. So cute! And when the music would stop, so would he! And he would settle back down. I loved it. Oh yes, did I mention that the music was How Firm a Foundation and Holy, Holy, Holy? Grandma was so proud. Not sure how he will fit into the Lutheran congregation!!! Maybe they will have to start going to the contemporary service (JUST KIDDING, kids!!).
Thanks to Tara for telling me how to get my photos where I want them!!!! I am so happy! And they all downloaded! Wheeeeeee! Life's Gooooooooood!!! This is getting too long and I was going to add my coming-home adventure but will have to make that another blog I think.