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Musings from Mama

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spinning Straw into Gold

I love my boss like a sister (not sure which one!) but she tends to think there's nothing "we two" together can't do--which translates she thinks it up and I do it on the computer. So, our hospice and 2 other organizations have combined for business purposes, I think, and needed a logo which was going to be cost prohibitive for us since we don't have a graphic designer. Good old Mary pipes up, "Sarah and I can do that for a lot less than $500," and was told to try. Her idea was basic: our circle logo with the tree from another and somehow work in the initials from the other. And somehow put in the name of our alliance. Off I went to the computer at home (my work one doesn't have all the neat programs to make stuff) and began my work.
The Dad got involved when he didn't like my placing of the letters of our name around the outside: didn't look professional enough. So he began the work of lettering. So far, so good.
Then we submitted it to Mary's boss who took it to the meeting of the group. They made a bunch of changes and sent it back for re-work. I'll spare you the details, but they wanted our 3 names and a-what's the word for it?-saying (the sentence under the tree) somewhere. They also wanted a letterhead and envelopes. Well, after hours and hours (still saving them a lot of $$ even though they had to pay me for the hours), I submitted it again. They loved it, even the guy who is in charge of KY hospices who is one of the alliance guys. He says they owe the Dad and me a dinner. This time Dad has helped me spin straw into gold and further increased Mary's confidence in me; And, by the way...


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Camp Again

Am going to try and post a photo of camp. These kids don't look like sad kids, do they? They had a wonderful time and the photographer did a fantastic job of getting all aspects in. Mostly, they had fun and did get to talk but some of it was serious too.

Surprise: I really liked my photo in this one even though I "looked" fat (tee hee, that's because I am!!). For the most part, the kids were the greatest. I knew most of them but some of them I didn't. A few were walk-ins from the newspaper article published the day before. The photo article didn't come until a couple of weeks after and lots of people have told us they wished they had known. The photo article was a full-page one with lots of pictures and a few words. Beautifully done! The kids loved the photographer who hung out with them and made friends with them--so much so that when they went into the next sessions, they invited him to come too. Just what he wanted. AND when they released the butterflies at the end, at least 3 kids asked that we give "Mr. Jimmy" a butterfly box too. He didn't get one because he was taking pictures. No one got a really good photo of the butterflies being released, though. More's the pity: they were awesome. Yes, that is an over-used word but really the only way to describe it. Even old hardened I was awestruck when they all took flight--more tears than just mine were shed.
Wheeeee!! It posted! have the greatest day!