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Musings from Mama

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back Again!

Wow!! I didn't realize it'd been so long! Well, now grief camp is over and I am breathing again. It was fun and a lot of hard work but all worth it when the kids didn't want to leave--after a 9 hr. day in which the adults were dead on their feet. I am so very grateful for all those wonderful people who volunteered their whole Sat. to making those little kids' lives better.

Our evaluation time was great--everyone agreed that the day was too long and too much moving stuff--so it will be much improved next year. One dear, sweet lady, during the eval. asked, "Is this just critique or may we say something positive?" Can't tell you how good that sounded!!!

Camp was good and though there were a few tears we had much laughter and the kids, though there weren't many, bonded with each other and the grown ups. All the girls asked me if they could help when they became teens. One little girl last year commented when her grandfather died: "Well, now I get to go back to Camp Butterfly!" One terribly shy little guy who didn't even respond well to the 2 guy-assistants, found a friend in a retired teacher-a recent widow-who knew just how to relate to him. By the time camp was over, he was even being a bit mischievous.

Now I am looking forward to posting our England trip--when Teen camp is over! No, really, I think I can get to it now. Am looking forward to that! We had a most wonderful time and it was worth the flying to be there!! We are so proud of little David for getting his PhD! But that's next!

God bless everyone!