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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Life's Little Adventures

Life has its little ups-and-downs. Sometimes they are one and the same! Last Sat. on the way to church-a bit early to get some shopping done first- we ran out of gas. Now, it was all MY fault. We were in my car and had commented on the lowness of the gas the day before when The Dad met me in Madisonville and took me to lunch. The consensus was that because it is most expensive there and because I didn't have yet 300 miles on this tank (oh yes, for those who haven't met my vehicle, the gas gauge doesn't work), we could get some in Henderson on the way to church.

So far, the fault belongs to both of us....however, as we passed the last gas station in Sebree, the last town before home, I know it was the Lord Who told me "You need to get a gallon of gas." But stubborn though I am and figuring I was being silly, and because I was following The Dad (did I mention he took me to lunch?) I didn't stop. So we ran out.

Called our trusty Road Service who informed us it would be 45 minutes before they would get out with some. So we began calling our friends, few though they be by now, and of course, no one was home-because they all have lives. Why didn't I think of this before?: After about 12 minutes (but who's counting?) I prayed "Lord, we don't want to be late to church, could you send the guy sooner?" And it was only about 5 minutes before we saw the beautiful tow truck coming our way. Beautiful man, he was. We only missed the first little chorus and got in while everyone was standing and shaking hands. I was just shaking. So, where we should have missed most of church, we didn't!!!! That's the UP of the whole thing. Yes, I did thank Him and do did The Dad.

We did a bit of shopping afterwards but got hungry so he took me to dinner too. That was nice too and we got over being grouchy.

Isaiah 65:24

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hap-py New Year

And a happy new year and all that, all y'all! We observed our usual wild and exciting New Year's Eve. Why, we stayed up until almost 11:00 Even! And that was after Church and McDonald's. Now, tell me, was that insane or what??????

Today has been quiet and peaceful as we recovered from our partying last night. Good old The Dad fixed the attic fan so the little people will be nice and warm when they bathe at our house. Come on down, boys! And I finished my calendar of which I am very proud. We took a little, long walk and played outside because we could. The weather is beautiful!!! And I made "corned" beef and cabbage which wasn't actually "corned beef" even though the tag said it was. Bummer- but it was enough to make me sick anyway. Oh well, good old zantac!

Well, anyway, my prayer is that your year will be absolutely fantastic with all the great things God has in store for all of you. Do appreciate the little things of life and always give thanks to God.....