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Musings from Mama

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Grandkids are STILL Wonderful!

And this set is Mark and Adam. As Ms. Opal so astutely noted, All really good August birthday folks have A Names and we will call The Dad Alarry. Another cute pair here. Mark can hold Adam for approximately 10 seconds before he gets tired and gives him back. Yes, someone grown up is holding his head! I'm so thankful the cousins will all be close (and will be able to gang up on granny one day!!-can't wait)! Now tell me: aren't they all the cutest things????!!!! Posted by Picasa

Grandkids are Wonderful!!!!!

Ok so I can only post one photo this way! I have 2 new grandbabies and 2 two-year olds and am so thrilled. They are all so sweet and cute. Can't wait for a few years when they all can come to "Grandma Camp" and wear me out! This one is Jonathan and Andrew. They are the older couple so they can be first. Haven't gotten to spend much time with them yet but---just wait!!!! Posted by Picasa