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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My pretty Rock

The Daughter, in her Blog, put a picture of all of our rocks but mine wasn't done yet. Now it is and it is prettiest ever!! Hopefully, it will download (you know my photo problems on this blog) and you can see it. I am proud of it. The other picture I am trying to do is, of course, the Boys. Finally!! It is on: this is my 3rd hour working on these photos to come on and, wonder-of-wonders, my Internet has stayed on, more or less all the time. I'll quit while I can!

The best part of our vacation was having all 4 grandboys there and getting to play with them. We did hardly any sight-seeing (the boys were sight enough for me) but we did get to ride the ferry to an island and that was fun after the first time going across when I was nervous and nauseated. Coming back was fine. The boys were so happy and excited about everything and were such fun to be with! We got to baby-sit some and that was great!! The adults said I behaved nicely. Maybe they will invite us back. I really badly needed the rest and feel that I got it.

I heard an awesome pastor whose name I have forgotten but I think it was Rudy-Something. I got to go with Brian and Sue, the church lay-delegate, to a session to hear him. It was really great. Lake Erie was beautiful and the sunsets were fabulous. I understand the sunrises were too but I wouldn't know!!


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Are you sitting down??!! the Dad's 50th class reunion was a BLAST!!! We both had a great time. Those people were so very friendly and nice--even to us "strangers." Granted, the program was awfully long and a bit boring but those doing it had so much fun! All the 100, more or less, won "door prizes" and the drawing and comments on everything lasted forever--well, around 2 1/2 hours or more. There were several very interesting people there and I had fun too.

The neatest thing was how genuinely happy they all were to see The Dad. He was thrilled. I was too! Almost no one recognized him after 50 years, for good reason, but I heard many whispers of, "It's Larry Vinson!" "No, really?" And people were standing in line to talk to him! He behaved nicely almost all the time and, would you believe:, we were the LAST(!!) to leave because he was talking to everyone. I finally got to meet the legendary Terry Thayer, and Sarah Carson who were Dad's brilliant companions all through school. Terry had only one job all his life after college: he graduated from IU and became a professor where he stayed all his life! I am impressed. He told me an interesting tale from The Dad that I had never heard: in school, he was publicly proclaimed the most intelligent kid in Southern Indiana. I was impressed!

So, in spite of the looooooooong program, it was much fun and I would do it again any time we are invited. Now, if the picture downloads, we should be done. I'll add things about our lovely Lakeside vacation as soon as I get some pictures on the couputer. Well, dang!! As usual, the picture hasn't done its thing in a few tries and about an hour so I think it isn't going to. I will try again another time! Have a great day! Today (Mon.) it cooperated!