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Musings from Mama

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Woe Is Meeeeeeeee!

I've waited a week to do this one so I could calm down a bit! To quote my neighbor, Karen, whom I admire greatly, "Laaaaaaaaafe's Goooooood!" But last week I wasn't sure if it would ever be good again: we got us a new tractor! Now, by "new" I mean never before used by anyone! Never driven by anyone except out of the shop! Doesn't happen often to my extremely frugal husband.

OK, so far, so good. Now, as background, please realize that I had just driven 250 miles from the daughter's house where I had been for a week (more about that another time). I was tired and a bit fussy at best. All I would like to do is grab a soft drink-preferably one with caffeine-and relax. However, it was not to be.

In bounces my Dearly Beloved all excited for him announcing, "The tractor is ready-really this time. We can go get it!" Please note the "we." Which meant, I found out, that I, Big Mama, was to go also and FOLLOW THAT BABY HOME, lights flashing and all! Talk about panic-stricken, that was me. So we get there and find out no one knows how to put the dang thing in gear so we wait while Charlie comes back from dinner to show us. But small thing, right?

Well, we got out to the BUSY highway-rush hour in Henderson isn't as bad as Chicago but pretty nerve-wracking for this old gal right now. For whatever reason, the Dad decided he had to keep to the highways instead of the back roads so there we were, driving 10 mph down highways 60, 41, and then 416. Oh, and I failed to mention that because, it turned out, the wheels weren't turned quite correctly, he couldn't keep the thing in between the highway lines and many times went over the double yellow lines which, even in Kentucky, mean "stay on your own side!" We were passed, even on those yellow lines, by every imaginable vehicle including 18 wheelers who were probably the most polite of the passers by.

Took over an hour to get home and, I am happy to say, I didn't soil myself in any way though we had just eaten at McDonald's and I was nauseated enough to! As we were driving home, I was ready to kill him but terrified he was going to kill himself before I had the chance. PRAY, I surely did!!! And, at least The Daughter will know how I prayed: Please keep him safe but if he is I will kill him--or hurt him severely!

When we got home-yes, we did make it home-he came over very sheepishly and said, "Well, I guess I owe you big time." Actually I restrained myself very much but did say several things I should have been ashamed of but wasn't and am still not! It was the most foolish, dangerous thing he has ever put us through and will never happen again!! I did say that! So he even volunteered that he wasn't going to garage sales Sat. and would work at home, which he did mostly. But he hasn't taken me to my favorite restaurant yet--but he will.

Oh yes, the tractor is nice and when they finish fixing it, will be really nice--when he can drive it, I mean. And, boy am I annoyed now: danged pictures again! This is the 3rd time I have tried to load the photo of him and his tractor. Am still trying. Maybe this time!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Fun Interview--by The Daughter

As I have said before, I love fun "interview" questions and so I made the comment on the Daughter's Blog that I would like to answer questions she made for me. She did and I shall. Now I am supposed to let you know that if you would like to play this game, let me know on my comment page and I will make up questions for you. What fun. Anyway, here are the questions she made up for me.
1. Where would you go on vacation that you've never been? Money is no object. Well, really i have been everywhere I have really wanted to be but if my grandkids were somewhere I never have been, i would want to go there. I think, right now, if also flying were no object, I would enjoy Scotland because David has made it sound so interesting. Ireland also. However, if i were in that area, I would go see David and Amanda. Oh! I have never been to their new house so that would be the place!
2. What is the most ridiculous thing your kids got into trouble for? Be specific. Wow! This one's hard. Most things were ridiculous really. They were so creative that they got into trouble for so many things!!! If I had known other things before the statute of limitations ran out, there would have been many more! I guess I would have to say right now, the guys really looked stupid and ridiculous fighting and rolling around on the ground in the front yard. The daughter, no doubt, would be for her mouth!! Remembering one time in particular when I tried to get her to get some summer outfits that were pretty and stylish. She adamantly refused saying they were stupid, etc. No, that isn't what she got into trouble for: what she did get in trouble for was when she saw her friends wearing the very same kind of things, she said she would like to have them but her mom wouldn't let her. Same friends who, when she was with, she came home with a nasty mouth and was told that if she came home like that, she wouldn't be allowed to go back. I meant it!!
3. My guilty pleasures: So many! Because I am trying to be a recovering work-a-holic, most things I do that aren't work are "guilty pleasures." But I would have to say, doing these silly questionnaires is one, reading light fiction, and watching fun-light DVDs and old musicals.
4. What-realistic or not-would I like to be able to do? Drive a motorcycle. Own a jeep. And argue intelligently with my family and not feel dumb.
5. What will I like most about retirement? Hoping that it comes! Freedom to come and go as we please and go places. Having the Dad come home not grouchy; having him go with me on my baby-sitting expeditions; and GETTING THINGS DONE AROUND THE HOUSE!!!!
Now, for whom do I get to make up qestions? Given that my only readers, mostly, are my family......


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Strange Things about Me

My Son (the Thief-that one) had a tag-thing on his blog that said if you wanted to be tagged, do it. It is List 6 "unusual" things (translated "weird") about yourself and that is the first one for me:
1. I love doing these dumb lists!
2. I'm more like that son than i thought
3. Though I am very shy, I also enjoy public speaking, teaching
4. I have an OCD about finishing things: absolutely can't stop reading a book, for example, even if I hate it! That is a familial disease, by the way! Once I start something i simply must finish it even if it is stupid.
5. I was so ignorant I barely knew anything about a college until i went!--I accepted a band award over a college scholarship because I didn't know what it was (You see, in our school, you could only have one award as a senior).
6. I march to my own drummer and make up my own songs even though I also am a people-pleaser!
Found I had a harder time narrowing the 6 than I thought i would.

I don't think I have 6 readers, but if you want to, please consider yourself tagged! Have a great day!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Virtual Church

Yes, there really is such a thing! I thought the guy at the cancer center was just kidding me at first but he was so in earnest that when I came home, I tried it out. Sure enough, I can't do the link thing but I typed in "virtual church" in Google and got a bunch of sites!
According to the guy, you can pick out the songs, sermon, everything you want to hear and you will get that. Now, I find a bit of concern about that because what we really need to hear, we often don't want to hear but, anyway, off I went to find a virtual church. The guy said most of them he found were from England, and sure enough, a lot of them were.
But the first one I found was The Ark. It is a black congregation in South Carolina, I believe. I couldn't find a way to choose what I "wanted" but when I finally logged on (not their fault but the fault of my slowww computer!) a gentleman was reading Scripture. Oh, I forgot to say that a couple or 3 times before I was able to get on, a sign came up saying to stop right now and pray that you will find what you need and are looking for (something similar anyway). Well, sure enough, the Scripture was the one in Philippians about not worrying but asking and giving thanks. I love that Scripture! I didn't find out how to pick my music but theirs was spectacular!!! It was what I loved! Couldn't understand the prayer cause it was garbled but then I left to find something else. Oh, we were also given the address and phone numbers so we could visit them if we were in the area or had questions we needed answered.
I did go, next, to England and found one there that had many Bible Studies and worship places to go but I didn't still, get to pick my own music. I ran out of time, or else my computer kicked out and I left but it was quite interesting!!!! I may have to do that today because I was sick yesterday and couldn't go to church. Sure do miss it when that happens. Not having a tv to go find a service, I think this would be better than being a heathen! Well, from the tv ones I have seen, which I will admit haven't been many, I think this would be better anyway.
I guess this is for people who are home bound or, for some reason, aren't happy with the traditional church. I realize we do need the church cause we need the rest of the Body but it was fun to see. I will do more later!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

One More Set of Pictures

I couldn't pass up this one last set of photos from the Visit--then I (maybe) won't bore you more. But they are so cute. So the first one is of Good Old Andrew in the hot tub. That little guy just loves the water. He was having such fun splashing in the water but then they put him into the Turtle. He leaned back, with his little toes up and floated around like King of the River--well, hot tub anyway. I think he would still be there if parents hadn't decided he was tired. Was it because of the many yawns or the red eyes? Not sure. Anyway, he didn't let out a peep when he did go down for his nap. Hot tubbing makes one very tired.

Jonathan was a bit cautious at first but had a ball. He got his head all the way under--an unusual thing I have heard. The first time it was by accident but his very wise parents gave him such encouragement and praise that he wanted to do it again and again. Both little guys were such fun to watch!! Old Granny sat taking pictures and waiting to take anyone who got overtired before others were ready to come out--HA! Fat Chance. One photo made it; maybe the other one will this time!
And now I sit listening to London Symphony Orchestra playing Mozart. It's beautiful! I'm trying to keep my internal monologue positive. Have not felt very well the last couple of days and it has been hard to be "nice" to me. This is my way of compensating I guess.

Am well today and was out before even making my bed or having prayer time to weed whack before it got hot. Well, 76 isn't very hot yet. Got done but will be so glad when either mower is fixed! I kind of used it as a mower too. Know what? both got done and the world didn't fall apart because I messed up the timing!!!!
Next visit should be with the other 1/2 of the cousins so will be, of course, posting their photos too.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Has been a Looooooong Time!

I keep thinking I don't have time to write and want to do so when I have plenty of time but just remembered, I don't have to write a book! Probably would be better if I didn't. Definitely the highlight of April was the visits with the kids and grandkids.

Grandpop and I went to baby sit the Ohio clan for the week after Easter so the parents could go on a much-needed retreat. On the way, we stopped at the Noblesville plantation to visit that group. And we stopped on the way back also. I could bore you to tears with cute little anecdotes of each boy but won't. Suffice it to say they are the cutest, most talented, smartest, and any other -est you can imagine. We had a ball! Were kind of tired when we got home but not horribly like everyone said we would be. Honestly, though, I don't know what I would have done without The Dad to help out. Guess I will find out the middle of this month when I go alone to sit the other couple for 3 days. Can't wait! I do plan to go see the other bunch for Jonathan's birthday shortly.

One of the cutest things was the day, when asked where Jesus lives, almost 3-year old, put his little hand over his heart and said, "In Heaven and in my heart." Did it bring tears to old Granny or what? He feels and hears his heartbeat and declares that is Jesus. So cute!

And other almost-3 had something very exciting to tell but Granny wasn't home so he left a message just falling over himself to tell it--but only wanted to tell Grandma Sarah. How sweet. When I called back, he was in bed but good old momma let him get up long enough to tell me. That was so sweet and gave him the excuse to be out of bed for a second.

So then, about a couple of weeks after we got home from the visit, the Ohio clan came down South to visit here. Again, we had a wonderful time. Got a good chance to bond with the babies and think they are tops too! If I talk more about the "big" guys, it is because they are doing so much; but those little fellers are the cutest and happiest little guys. They are doing fun things too now. I can't wait until they are big enough to all come to Granny's at once!! We'll have Granny Camp.

Well, shux: I tried to download 2 photos at once and only one did--so I am trying again. The orange photo of Jonathan and Andrew, of course, is of them sitting in a bulldozer (I think--ask Mark or Jonathan) at the Evansville Children's Museum. It is really nice!!!!