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Musings from Mama

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Then Came the Winds

So now everyone starts cleaning up after the ice and a few days later, we have rain-lots of it-with very heavy winds (as in up to 70 mph.). Hopefully, I will be loading photos of the back yard damage-well, some of it- after the winds. More limbs were broken, the adult swing in the back was destroyed and toys were scattered. The playhouse that Brian and Tara put together so diligently was blown to smithereens. If you notice, there is a little truck sitting in the flower beds far from its home. It was tucked nicely by the side of the garage on the patio.

The rain and wind were so terrible that when I called the Dad to tell him I had to stay at the hospital (I was attending an emergency), he breathed a huge sigh and said, "I was wondering how I could tell you needed to stay." He just never does that, but the wind was so strong that he was nervous about my coming. Lots of semis were blown off the roadway. I saw several on their sides as I came home that Thursday.

The fixing of the electricity and phone service had a major setback with the winds. Some people say their stuff isn't going to be fixed until Easter--or the end of march. Guess that is Easter time, isn't it? Ours is fine, though. We did have a bit of a problem a couple of times and it was out for 4 hrs. once and maybe 2 another time. Probably the guys were fixing a nearby transformer or some such thing. The workers from all over the state, and many other states as well, have done a wonderful job, though, and are working such long hours! I do so admire them and appreciate them.

And now, more rain has changed into snow....but it doesn't look like it will be bad. I think the snow has stopped. The Dad has gone to church and it didn't look like it was bad at all. I am sick again and hiding at home.

Have a great week, now. God bless.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking Better

TheDaughter says I should post a new blog since the last one has a Christmas tree on it! Guess she is right.

The big news in our area is the ICE STORM which is now past but which will take months to clean up. Some of our acquaintances won't have electricity, they are told, until Easter..YUK!! The photos were on the first day of the Big One. It didn't look as bad when we got back from Up North and found that the ice had melted--well, most of it. We were among the fortunate: we got electricity sooner than expected. A bunch of people at work still don't (see above) though they are hoping for sooner than Easter!

We were not prepared enough for the outages: we didn't have a generator to keep the computer running! How awful! When we got home, we found that the computers had turned themselves on and my computer screen was horribly blurred. I was worried that it was my eyes! Scary!! Over the days, however, it has become fine again.

Really, next time, we will have enough wood! The Dad spent every day just chopping enough wood to get us by until the next day--and did I mention? It was COLD, really Cold! By the time we left, we were both too cold to make sound judgments. The Daughter kept calling to see if we were OK--that really meant a lot to me. I think that was what really finished us off about leaving: no use worrying her any longer. Besides, neither of us relished staying when it was going to be much colder before it got better.

Was kind of shocking when we got to The Daughter's and found her house was too hot for us! Never is, believe me! They are all hot blooded and don't need as much heat as Big Mama does, but I was even too hot for a few hours. We stayed at the Granny's empty house also for a while until we found that we had electricity at home. It was good to be home but now the work starts! We have sawed a lot, but so much more needs done that it is depressing!

Sooooooo, Don't y'all come for a while unless you plan to chop wood!

God Bless.