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Musings from Mama

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I worked like a slave but it is now OVER!! It was a huge success for the first time but I have learned something for the next year--besides that it takes more than 3 months to plan and execute a day-long camp like this. The planning was fun and relaxing; the execution more challenging! Hopefully, the photos will come up so you can see the Weiner Dog lady at least. She was awesome!One thing I learned is NOT to have a memorial service at the end in a room that is adjacent to the playscape which is having a birthday party!! Not good. Another thing I learned was NOT to have kids who have just finished a counseling session on dealing with anger to hammer ice cubes into chunks to make ice candles with. They tend to pulverize the ice which, then, lies on the bottom of the cup preventing any wax at all from getting there. I had not tried that before: having the kids crush the ice. The preschoolers who have done it don't hit the bags that hard!! They had a great time; even the one little gal who insisted that if she had to go at all, she would be miserable and make everyone around her miserable too. She was laughing after the first set of games! I heard her telling her little brother, "Come on, put some enthusiasm into this!" The newspaper coverage was awesome. The photographer who did the actual camp coverage was wonderful. He came and talked with the kids and had snacks with them, took a silly photo, until when it was time for them to go to a class, they invited him along. He was very discreet and got some good photos. It was printed yesterday--a whole page, color prints. Wonderfully done. I wrote thank you notes to him and the reporter--and their editor also.Have found that I am too old to do it often! Those young uns at St. Anthony's do a teen one and an elementary one back-to-back in one weekend! Not for this old lady!!! I was so tired, I hurt all over the next day!! My old feet hurt so badly that I had to go to hospice and lie down with them elevated for a while before I could even drive home. BUT, that said, I will do them next year happily. It was fun for the kids and grown ups too, I think. We had the best volunteeer help ever! Everyone was just fabulous--a real team effort. I am so grateful to everyone for all their help!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Few Random Ramplings

Hey! Do you know that if you leave a To Do list (which is "lost" on the computer unless you want it) alone long enough that when you get back to it most everything is done or no longer important????!!! Yup. Says something about things we think are vital to be done!!! I haven't looked at it since August and mostly things got done; some are ongoing that I had to leave on and some just were silly. So now on to the vital things of today.

Haven't done enough things worthy of posting lately. My whole life has been wrapped up in planning a Bereavement Camp for elementary kids--our first at Hospice-and it is fun, but takes a vast amount of work. Our Green River Hospice team has been so very much helped by the hospice in Henderson. St. Anthony's has done one for 15 years and this year's was awesome (they let me come). Jennifer, who runs theirs, has been fabulous in helping and giving ideas along the way. They start a year ahead of time planning for the next one. I have had 3 months but lots of help from them so..... next week it happens. I feel good about how it is going together and how the community has jumped in to help. The precious lady whose horse farm we wanted to use got very sick and really couldn't have done it but still wanted to (and would have if I had pushed it, she was so sweet) but instead led us to her church to see if we could borrow some game equipment. Well, instead, they provided their entire buildingfor our use. About that time, I found out that that church's minister for the sick is a friend from the hospital and so she and I have re connected and are working together on this program.

Not only did the church provide their building, they have paid for an hour of play for all of our kids in their Fun4Kids playscape located inside the church (Can't wait to take the grandkids when they come!)!! They also are sponsoring the coming of the "Wiener Dog Lady" who has daschunds used for therapeutic play. She has songs, stories, and the famous-around here anyway-Woody the Daschund and his pals. She is an awesome lady and is giving us a break in finances too. And has some goodies for the kids. I wish I knew the magic way to put her website link on here but if you want to know about her, give me a comment or call and I will let you know.

Now I need to go plan games and dig up my flower garden. The weeds are above my head in some spots. No time. We had rain so the new mums I planted may grow afterall. the Dad has watered them some and so did I last weekend when I planted them but not since. We need more rain.

Prayer Request: my friend Carol who had surgery for a 4th, I think, primary cancer. She did well with a partial lung removal but had a stroke. Is doing very well but still needs a lot of prayer as she rehabs.

Also, Good Old Mother: she is being moved to rehab. in Kokomo for which we all are grateful but she is getting up there. Is seeing lots of angels lately.

God bless you all.