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Musings from Mama

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I think I can....

You Belong in Paris

You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris.

You're the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe.

I think this worked, Brian!!!!! Thanks bunches!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where I Belong

So I took one of the Son's famous tests and above is what it said but I don't know how to actually put it into the blog or put the cute picture of Paris on my blog!

Monday, January 07, 2008

First Day of School

Well, I did it: survived my first day of school in 40 years. It was only an orientation--one day of 3 I think. I am so overwhelmed! I hope I can!! Seems like so much to do that I am not sure i can; but if I can find places in that hospital for being On Call I can do anything!

One of the bad things of the day was the very first thing in which we all met with the whole chaplain staff and heard report from the resident chaplains on their weekend "on calls" which were horrendous!! Apparently there aren't many like them but nonetheless it was horribly frightening to us new kids.

The scariest thing we have to do, for me anyway, is videotape a Worship service and then show it and have them critique it. The instructor wants to dwell mostly on the "message" of the thing! Now. I don't have a particularly hard time doing a worship service, though I would prefer a "hands on" approach and mostly singing, but I do have a problem with taping it!! That's horrid!! They call it a Worship Seminar; and we also have to do a "pastoral theology" seminar (again, for our peers and perhaps some of the staff) which I don't even know what is--though i did ask and he answered! Brian, or anyone else for that matter, if you have any suggestions, I would love them!!!

By the time we were done, my head was swimming in jello but I was (am) also excited and had really fun. I am the only woman with 5 men (who seem pretty quiet but who laughed at me anyway). They are all preachers of a sort and don't have a problem with taping!!!! The guy I will be working with from Madisonville is a youth/assistant pastor in the UMC I believe; one is a UCC (United Christian Church) and 2 are Catholic priests (one a lay minister I think) and one, I am not sure. They are really nice though and explain the jargon to me when I can't figure it out. I am afraid I will be their comic relief but not always intentionally. It's OK: I look forward to learning all I can! Father Ignacius (sp??) is a priest from Nigeria who is very hard to understand. He's probably all of 35 and was shocked that I can do stuff on the computer. David is OLD--probably not as old as I am but is Old and very helpful to me. Rob and Mike are both sweet as can be too--young ruffians though. I will enjoy working with them. I will be working with Rob at Madisonville

Jo is one instructor and Chuck and someone else that I don't know are the others. Jo is female too. I don't feel left out but she isn't there always cause she is a supervisor in training. There are 2 other women who are chaplain residents and all the rest are guys.

Oh, and my GPS (yes, I GOT IT!!) got me there just the right way. Took me home a different way than I would have chosen but got me there! It about had a heart attack, however, when I chose to go to Walmart before going home--and then I dared go to Golden Corral after that. I sent "Thomas" home with The Dad so I wouldn't have to hear him having a fit, "Turn around NOW, stupid." Well, no, he didn't really say that!!!

Have a good year: I may not have time to blog forever!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Kids say the Funnest Things

My other blog was too long but I had to add these little stories. A month or so ago The Daughter and guys were visiting for a few days while Dad went to Europe. We were coming home from out to eat and, on the way home, I was driving and talking, not paying a lot of attention to where we were. The truck in front of us was going a bit slowly and I remarked that if I knew where we were, I'd go around him but was afraid it was just about time to turn off. Little 3 year old Mark, in the back, looked up from the book he was reading and remarked, "When you pass the oil drillers and go under the bridge, it is almost time to turn." He was so right!! Another trip home from town, he saw a place on the Pennyrile, pointed to it and said, "That's a doggie's playground." Surprised Grandpa no end because it is a dog boarding place with an exercise area. As far as I know, no one ever told him that cause I had just learned it and Gramps didn't even know it then.

And on to Jonathan: This time when we were visiting, I needed to recharge my batteries for the camera but wasn't sure which way to put the batteries into the darned recharger. Jonathan asked to see it--remember, he is just 3 also--looked at it for a second and said, "You put them in this way." and did so. I asked him how he knew and he replied, "We have one just like it." I tried plugging it in and it didn't blow up but I was still nervous so had Grandpa check it after he got home (when J. was in bed). Guess what: Jonathan was right and I was wrong. Mentioned to The Son what Jonathan had said and he laughed, "We do not have one. I don't know that he has ever seen one before." Jonathan also stands up for what he thinks quite well: I was reading him a dinosaur story which has a "scary dino" coming and has the word "Boom" all across the tops of the pages and one page has a bunch of "booms" all over it. Well, to Jonathan, that word was "Thump" and he would say that. I just let him cause it wasn't hurting and it was so cute but Daddy wanted him to know the difference (understandably) and was sounding it out with him: B---OO---MMMM. Jonathan dutifully sounded it out and said each sound faster like we teach them to do to read words: "B---oo-----mmmm, B--oo--mm, B-oo-mm-THUMP" I had to laugh--we weren't going to change his mind. Personally, I think Thump was a more appropriate word anyway.
Have I mentioned today that Grandguys are wonderful??!!

What I Did Over Christmas Break--OR WOW!!!

May I say that this Christmas break left a bit to be desired?! Yeah, I guess I just did! Started out fine and I got the GPS I desperately needed--which we learned to use on the trip we took! Then it went a bit downhill starting off with The Dad's deciding to leave on Christmas Day for Up North instead of the day after. Now, do you know how difficult it is to find food on Christmas Night on a trip? Not easy. By the time we got to Granny's where we were spending the nights, we were all starved and, could I say, GROUCHY?! Not to mention that because we had to leave in a kind of hurry, I forgot several things I wanted to take along--and we went back for a thing or 2 even. Then, Mother had to go to the hospital and was pretty sick for a while; when we got to OH, poor little Andrew whom we all thought was all over the "bug" wasn't and threw up on me about an hour after we got there. He stayed sick for the whole time we were there. Had its advantages though, he just wanted me to hold and cuddle him. Awwwwwww, you know I hated that !
Then the car went funny and kept losing air in the tire and it wasn't just the tire but the rim so, when he had to keep putting air in it every 20 miles or sooner, we decided to go home by way of The Daughter's. Wouldn't you know, poor ol' Adam had just what Andrew had had--no, they didn't pass it on unless it was over the phone--plus he was teething ( I am sure he will have all his teeth by the time he goes to college). The men trudged all over the junkyard ( which happened to be open on New Year's Eve) to find a rim for the car causing Tim's cold to get much worse and so he was sick too. Finally, to everyone's relief (except, perhaps, Mark's) we left for home. I had to miss Monday's work cause we were on the road and I was so glad that we could rest Tues. but then The Dad got the flu like the boys had and he has been miserable. Fortunately, I only have the fever and exhaustion--not the stomachy stuff. And I won't even mention Christmas eve services--another whole story!
Having said all that, however, Christmas itself was a blast and we so enjoyed seeing the little guys open their Christmas gifts and be so happy. When we came into the Daughter's on Christmas day, sweet little Mark was so happy to see us and said, "Oh Wow, anovver Christmas!" We didn't even take their gifts out of the car because we were going to have to wait until a couple of days later hoping the OH. Vinsons could come--they couldn't--see above. It all worked out well, though. Mother got out of the hospital surprisingly soon considering all that had happened to her; they boys are mostly well now and The Dad is on the mend--ate pizza for lunch and didn't die. So cute it was that on both visits the little, big boys sang-of their own accord- Happy Birthday Jesus. They both showed me their Nativity Sets and Mark gave me a blow-by-blow rendition of the Christmas story and Jonathan told me all about it and that it was in his own Bible! That's what it is all about really and it made all the troubles not all that important after all. One more thing: little, concerned Jonathan felt so sorry for Andrew and Grandpa Sunday morning because they couldn't go to church when Andy was sick. Reminded me of 3 year old Jenny who,when we passed the golf course one Easter morning seeing the golfers out, felt so sorry for all those guys who couldn't go to church. Y'know, I think it was a great Christmas anyway!