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Musings from Mama

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He Did It!!!

Wouldn't have believed it but The Dad actually DID retire! So far, so good. We are having a great time and he is getting lots of outside work done. He is still amazed that he can just get up and go and come back in when he gets tired. He is getting so much done and so am I, kind of. When I am well enough. Another good thing: he can take me around to, say, ER when I might have a kidney stone or some such thing--hypothetically, of course. WE both love getting to go wherever, whenever we want and getting up and going to bed when we like. I didn't know I would feel so much freedom too. All psychological I am sure. I still do my things and he does his.

We did get to visit Lake Geneva, WI, where we used to live and saw bunches of our friends. We stayed with Bonnie and Jerry, who are both recently retired also. Had a ball!! They are awesome hosts!! The thing I like best about staying there is that they let us do our thing and don't feel like they always have to be entertaining us and keeping us busy. And we can go during the week when the traffic isn't bad and the stores aren't crowded. Even got to go to the Jelly Belly Store!! Greatest place ever!! Sure I got bargains and Bonnie and I stuffed ourselves on samples. The Soap one wasn't bad nor was the grass--no one had the courage to try vomit, though. We didn't take one picture but this one was taken at our last trip there.

Mystery Solved

Remember the Beer Cans? Well, Karen, my next door neighbor has a solution: It seems that her husband collects cans (won't say where!), sells them twice a year and gives the $$ to their teen daughters for Christmas money. He was cleaning out his barn and hauled out the 2 50-gallon tanks of cans and left them out. Now. They recently got 2 puppies who chew everything in sight who, somehow, got some of the cans out and chewed them (not bullet holes after all). All we can figure out is that the varmints of some other species dragged them to our yard. I want to believe that!
You have a great week and y'all come, now, y'hear? God Bless!