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Musings from Mama

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More London Day 2

We walked 5.478 miles today but who's counting? I brought my pedometer along and wore it most of the time.

We saw D's workplace and met his co-workers. They were very nice and friendly. Then walked to the British Museum where we spent 4 hours looking around. It was great! The Dad's most exciting part was the prices on the food. Obviously he hasn't seen food courts many places lately. I loved the Egyptian area and also the African one. I think The Dad enjoyed the art work best. He always spent a long time looking at that though he wouldn't say what he liked best. We really had a wonderful time just being Bumpkins looking at things all around. I'm so impressed with London all around! Went back to D.'s work and had a hard time getting him. You see, everyone was gone from the reception area and the doors were locked (I think they always are). Once again, Dad to the rescue: he went next door and called. I think Mr. D. got a lot of work done while we were gone. We tried to go to another museum but it was closed for the evening dinner hour so we went back to the house.

Oh yes, I had one minor mishap when I walked in front of a motorcycle and just about got hit. Fortunately, the lady stopped for me. I felt badly-I just didn't look behind me on the proper side of the street. I was trying to keep up with a couple of guys who were talking and walking a bit faster than my fat little legs could keep up. That really was just an excuse though; I should have been more careful. I was after that!

Back home after working all day, the D.s fixed us a fantastic dinner after which we played a game until late. It was one of those strategy games where you build railroads all over the place and try to get there first or something like that. I don't really strategize that well: just put my cars where they look pretty. I didn't get horribly tired like yesterday and was able to stay up with the best of them.

Well, hooray! I got some pictures on! Now the next thing is to figure how to place them neatly. They won't move once I get them on. Oh well, I will learn. I promise I won't go Day-by-day and bore everyone (I think) but then, you don't have to read them if you are bored, do you?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

London at Long Last!

Well, finally I have the courage to start my London Blog. Or maybe just being shamed into it. Don't expect anything similar to either son or daughter cause I'm not that literate. But here goes: It was FABULOUS!! The best vacation I can ever remember being on.

38 years ago, I learned to tolerate flying because I was going to see my new husband; now I remember what it was that needed toleration. Sick--I get sick landing mostly but, at first, ascending also ( think mostly from terror). Now I will learn to fly because I get to see my son! It is definitely worth it!

OK so we got to Louisville airport the required 2 hrs. before we needed to be there to get checked in. The Dad went to go park the car while I began checking in. Everyone was so very kind and helpful and I was all done and getting the baggage checked when he came back. All was completed and we were waiting for our plane in 35 minutes. That was fine. We had books and had fun exploring the airport where we were allowed to be after security which was everywhere fun. The entire 20 min. ride to Cincinnati was awful for me as I was so scared. The Dad kept trying to get me to look out at all the interesting things to distract me, of course, but it made me sicker. Cincinnati was more of the same. Security was easy and people were so nice. I did get patted down during that one but it was done nicely. We had, I think a 4 hr. wait this time but, again, it was fine. I would rather have done that than have to hurry and find where we were to be.

Then, finally, we were airborn for London Gatwick. I wish I could say I got nice sleep and was refreshed when we got there but not true: I slept, maybe 1 hr. in all. The plane had lots of free space and The Dad went somewhere else and had a good nap--well, as good as can be expected stretched out over 3 seats. I tried to watch Chronicles of Narnia which I have wanted to see, but it made me even more nervous. I listened to my calming CDs and read a couple of books and then, wonder of wonders, WE WERE THERE!!!!

Most of the rest of the first day passed in a blur of sleepiness. We were allowed to sleep a couple of hours and that seemed to help The Dad. Me, I was just glazed over. We, then, went for a walking tour of the D.'s neighborhood (I refuse to call them "the Dunces" because they are anything but..even though I know from whence it came). It is very interesting and I would love to go back to the bagel shop when I am awake. The people are so nice! I think they made me play a game until it was a decent time to go to bed but I can't be sure. I did nicely for me in staying up but it was in body only: I was asleep the entire time.

The absolute best thing about London was MY KIDS!! I would have gone and done nothing but see them and have had a wonderful time but they are absolutely fantastic at hosting and kept us entertained the whole time. I was so impressed at how great they were! I don't think I have ever, in all my life, had more gracious hosts! I was so dumb that I didn't even know what I wanted to see. The possibilities were so overwhelming even though the girls loaned me books. There was just too much!! I told them only a couple of things I knew I wanted to see: British Museum, some ruins, a castle and some old cathedrals. They took that little information and gave us the best 10 days we have ever had. Every day, I found the "best thing" ever--my favorite thing. Now, I don't think I could pinpoint any "best" thing because there were so many. They told me, however, that I didn't have to have a best thing ever.

In days to come, I will tell you all about some of the wonderful things we saw. But today, I just want to say still one more thanks to the D.s for the wonderful time we both had. I could die happy now!

P.S. Brian, I will need to have you tell me how to do those photos because it didn't work the way I tried. Thanks!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OK it's been a loooooooooooooong time and much has happened (finally!)

We're stars! Well, hardly: The Dad and I did a commercial for the Cancer Center where I had treatments. It was a new experience (and believe me, at my age, there are precious few of them!) and kind of fun.

The initial interview was the longest. It took most of 2 hours, but really, most of it was applying the disgusting make up and fixing my scrabbly hair. Don't think it looked one bit better when the dear girl was finished. Then the guy had us sit on most uncomfortable bar stools and asked a million questions--some many times--until he got what he wanted out of us. The Dad thinks he made us say his words but I don't think so cause once when he wanted me to say something that I didn't consider true, I told him and he backed off.

After it was finally over, they gave the Dad tissues to wipe off the make up but I had to go do errands looking like a painted woman. Well, I could have gotten one too I guess but she had worked so hard, I hated to ask that it be taken off so quickly so it was my fault. She really was a good artist and made us look pretty darned good for old codgers. The Dad looked really cute.

Then we went off to London (which I will psot later cause it was so wonderful!) and came back and did the clinical part of the commercial in which I had to lie on the "comfortable" table and pretend to get a treatment. Rachel, who was the therapist assigned to do it with me was very embarrassed but she did a wonderful job and acted jsut like she did when she did treatments for me. She was always so kind and helpful and this was no different. In case you wonder, it is just like an XRay table: cold and HARD!

After I could walk again, I came home and later the tv crew and P.R. ladies came here and photographed us walking in the woods looking like we liked each other. It's kind of cute. The Dad has been proclaimed as being "really cute" or "really good looking" by my friends--depending on whether they are young or older I guess.

Anyway, now it is being aired on the 4 major tv stations here and, of course, not using a tv, we haven't seen it though I did see the copy and we will get a copy. Actually, we will get 2: one to send to London, they told me. I will be glad to get it and to look at it critically. Everyone says it is good though.

So now we are stars and famous and rich (OK, so 1 out of 3 isn't bad). We did get a big basket of goodies from the hospital people and that was great cause we had company that I could share it with and not have to bake!!! It was so much better than I would have done!