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Musings from Mama

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Woe Is Me!

Ok, for Heaven's Sake, how hard could it be to refill one simple little Diaper Genie? I just HAD to have it-garage sale venue, of course-and so The Dad bought it (it's why I never go to g.s.s with him) for $2 sans instructions but still in the box. Now I know why!

So months ago, I got a refill and left it sitting around waiting for Santa to come put it in. He, again, failed me and I am expecting small fry company so I attempted to install said refill. Directions on the box, how difficult is that? AFter about an hour of trying to remove rings that should have been easy to remove, I resorted to internet to find directions. That also took about an hour-now we are up to 2 hours-lots of sites, lots of instructions, including photos of how to insert diapers and twist, but only one 3-sentence set of directions not, mind you, telling me how to remove that derned ring.

The next morning, bright and early, after having spent half the night dreaming and planning when awake how to get the thing out, I placed a call to Son and Daughter in Law who own one of the things to see if they could help. Daughter, who thinks like me, has no voice so it fell to her long-suffering husband to try and talk me through it. My son, the Saint, tried and tried, even going up to their own-probably waking small son in the process- to no avail. That lid just wouldn't come off not to mention the ring.

So there the thing sat in the middle of my living room, open and waiting....for the coming of aforementioned Santa who did come in the form of---you guessed it: The Dad. He looked at it (amid my whining) and tried a second to remove the stupid ring pronouncing it impossible to remove then said, "Why don't we just try tying the knot in the bag and pushing it down through the hole in the refill? Now, let's try it." Would you believe: it worked and took him about a second to do it.

This morning, I looked at the directions I had printed out but discarded as incomplete and, sure enough, that is exactly what it said to do. I guess the directions on the packages haven't caught up with the newer models. And I guess I give up reading directions. I'd best stick with recipes.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm Gonna Be A Star!!

I've been waiting for weeks for something fine to write about so here it is: Whoo-eee! I'm heading for stardom. OK so they are going to do some TV/Radio spots to promote the Cancer center where i was treated and have asked me to help.

I was interviewed today by the director of Oncology (I think he is the business guy) who is really sweet, by the way, and then he brought in the lady who is HR Head of the whole hospital thing. I guess she thought i was suitable cause she is going to set it up in the next week or so. I have to go to a "studio" in Evansville (Yep, Big City and all!!) with my "significant other" and be interviewed; then we have to get photos of my doing my volunteer thing; and finally, have to have a "shoot"(?) of us doing something we love to do together--That will be a challenge to say the least!--OK Kids, bring on the Grand-babies!!!!. I absolutely refuse to go Garage-saleing or E Baying and I can't really see cross-country skiing at this stage of the game.

Well, I haven't actually informed The Dad that he has to do this: any suggestions? I mean for getting him to do it????? Don't really see it as his thing unless, of course, his chickens are brought up. Anyone: be on stand-by just in case I can't hog-tie him and bring him along.

So I guess this is why I have to go through all this sick-mess: how would I ever get my place in stardom without it???