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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Mad! I'm really mad! Waited a couple of days to send this so I wouldn't be so mad! Still mad!!!
Me and Forwards don't get along very well. Oh, I love the funny ones and the inspirational ones are very nice usually but I got one Sat. that blew all the bounds of any forwards I have read. Gullible. I admit that I am gullible but even I began to question this one.
Got a forward titled "Urgent Prayer Request" and, of course, opened it to pray. It was from a very respected pastor who said it was from a respected friend in the ministry. It was supposedly to have been sent by a person whose husband was fighting in Iraq and was suppposedly being sent, with his "group" on what sounded for all the world like a suicide mission. They were told to "call their families to say good bye" (#1 questionable idea). I got horribly upset: either it was a sick, political ruse to discredit our leaders; or it was saying that we were no better than the terrorists. Or it was some sick-o's idea of a joke.
At any rate, the longer i thought about it, the worse I felt. Sure, I prayed hard for the fighting men and women there--probably harder than at other times, more's the pity-- but things just didn't "feel right": know what i mean? The dates were not quite right, the times were off and the whole idea sounded implausable. Why would they be allowed to call about such a mission and why were they going "door-to-door" looking for snipers. Even I know more than that!
Well, by the time The Dad got home from Garage-Saleing, I was really upset and mad. I didn't even give him the chance to take off his coat and gloat over his purchases before I dragged him to the computer to read it and, sure enough, he was about as mad as I was. He shot holes in every sentence of that baby in the e mail he sent back to said pastor and told him best to go back to his usual stance of not sending forwards.
Surprisingly, said pastor wasn't a bit mad at him and told him that it all made perfect sense to him after Larry had explained it. He was going back to his source (who, undoubtedly had to check his source and on and on).
My question is Why, on God's Green Earth, would someone do something so blatantly stupid and mean???!!! People believe this stuff and we Christians are the most gullible people: when someone asks for a prayer, we jump right in. Guess we all have to kick in that gift of discernment even if we aren't blessed with the actual gift, huh?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some Random Ramblings Or Why do I Never Listen?

...to The Daughter....She always knows what movies I can stand to watch and why not. We don't always (usually) agree on what's good but she ALWAYS knows what I can watch comfortably. So virtually everyone (else) said The Terminal was really great and funny. She said. "It's so sad." Well, The Dad brought it home from a garage sale and I thought I would watch it cause everyone else found it funny. How very right she was!!! It was the saddest movie I have watched in ever so long-maybe ever. If I wanted sad, I would go out into the world and listen to people talk--but that's another issue. Worse than sad, it was pitiful. True, I know it was just a story but how pathetic! One part I kind of smiled and the dad came in and thought it was funny but mostly I just wept. Kept watching to see if it would get funny or resolve and it never did. Yeah, some issues it resolved but others never did. Some I understood and some I never did. Oh well, Back to Fiddler on the Roof.
Which, by the way, I finally got back. I was worried: loaned it to a friend who loaned it to another friend who loved it but died before I got it back. Hate to ask her grieving family for it but finally did and now I have it back and am going down to watch it shortly.
Perhaps I should stick to watching videos of the grandkids. Which, by the way, I am wanting to put on my photo at the top of this page where my info. is: can one of you tell me how to change the one I have to another which will include all 4 of the little angels?
And my day is complete!! I am having an unexpected day at home having gotten sick at school. Well, it is just a cold but lately when I get one, I get fever, chills, upset stomach, etc. Anyway, as I left for school this morning, I saw 6 (yes, 6!) deer in our lower meadow. Makes me smile! And the Dad is going to bring me a Diet Coke when he comes home!!! How Happy!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

On Fire for the Lord????

Or Perhaps it should be titled: A Preacher's Worst Nightmare.
Tonight in church, we had a most moving service on 1 Corinthians 11 about having the Lord's Supper the right way. Music was fantastic as always and very relevant: not many dry eyes, even the Dad was awake. We had tables up front with beautiful fall leaves and flowers, etc. with communion elements sitting out for us to go forward to partake, which we reverently did (unlike we always do-not the reverence but the going forward).. Do you see where I'm going????
Then, if that weren't moving enough, we shared the anniversary of the tragic tornado in Evansville complete with movies and were beginning the sharing of some thoughts by one of the victims.
We heard a quiet "POP" and one of the candle holders broke and, yes, fire broke out! Several of the men jumped up and ran out (hopefully to get the fire extinguisher) and Todd, the preacher in charge went over and tried to put it out by tossing what was left of the grape juice on it-bet he has burned hands. Finally Eric, another of the pastors, came over with a wet towel from the baptistry and did extinguish it promptly. Another great reason for baptism by immersion: the baptistry is always available should it be needed for fire extinguishing. We clapped.
I suppose you could call it "comic relief" but it did break the tension if you could call it that. The Dad and I agreed that if you must have candles and pretty decorations, you really should have a fire extinguisher present. I have always worried that something like that could happen. Bet my sons would have had a plan... Daughter, too probably, but the guys were always big on their "plans".