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Musings from Mama

Friday, December 21, 2007


Hi There! It's been forever and I'm sure you have missed me and my deeply intellectual monologues terribly but it's been rather boring around here--Actually, I haven't been around here much so how would I know????
Did I mention yet I hate my job????!!! Well, not actually; and the people with whom I work are awesome. I just love talking with the people--even if that means on the phone and I think I do like that pretty well BUT Dang It! I am always lost!!! I have to travel around 3 counties hunting up dead people and their families (In case you don't know, I am a bereavement coordinator for a local hospice--not a kind of job I would have thought I could even start to do--I can't!)!
So today, I slog through rain, snow sleet and hell, oops, I meant hail--or maybe just mist and fog-to find a funeral home to make a visit "on the way home." My Google map and map quest maps make it look not too bad. The second time I pass the Slaughters funeral home-where I am also supposed to stop but was closed and locked up tight- I decide I should ask directions cause time is running short. Now, we are going 100 miles from the nearest civilization but I remember the little town a bit up the road so I head there. I Stop at the Hanson Pharmacy- God Bless the man there- who tells me I should go back to Madisonville from which I had left in the first place and driven about an hour from, and start over. Go straight down 41A and you'll be in Dixon. "Can I do it in less than 1/2 hour cause the funeral starts then and I don't want to stay for that?"
"No. To get there quicker, go back to Slaughters and go to the caution light and turn there. But it will take you about 40 minutes to get there at best." Well, I did as he said and. lo and behold, about a mile later I found the road that I was supposed to take that the map showed going from the highway I was traveling in the first place. Yes, it has a different name until then. Squiggles galore but I prayed and made it in just under 1/2 hr. YEs, 3 minutes earlier than that funeral I want to miss. So I have to stay. And they sang 432, 576 country-western songs that were tear-jerkers, of course. Well, maybe just 5 or 6 but too many for me!
Did I remember to mention that I didn't know these people? Had never met them. As BC I am supposed to take up where the people leave off after the patient dies. I think there's a fault somewhere here cause that's not the time to meet new people. Anyway, the folks were wonderful and gracious and expressed appreciation for our having been there. Now I will be calling and checking on them for several months and will get to know them.
So I head home--lost as ever. Call The Dad after a while when I think I am never going to find home again and will need to pitch my tent in the bog beside the road, "I am in Poole and wonder can I take this highway 56 to Sebree?" His very caring response? "Get a map!" Thanks sweetie.
As you may guess, I am home now cause I am on this computer--or maybe I have it in the bog beside the road with me! Next time I will take a tent and sleeping bag and stay in the bog.
That's why I hate my job!