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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees

Merriest Christmas
Finally after several days of its sitting in the living room bare and naked as a jaybird (hey! they aren't naked!) the Christmas tree didn't trim itself so I, beating the Daughter by several days as being the last person in the known world to put up a tree, did decorate the thing yesterday and today. That's IT! No more decorations get put on it. Actually, the Dad and I had fun getting rid of a LOT of things that we will never use.

This is the last trip for this tree, too. Dang it, when it sheds more needles than a real one, it's time to try something else. I'm holding out for a pre-lighted tree. Remember, Kids, the fuss Someone put up in having to install lights? He has gotten a bit better but not much. We got rid of all our big lights (which I loved but we don't use) and some of the little ones. Tacky, it may be, but I really enjoy our fiber optic tree!! I put it downstairs. Found one that had never been used and even The Dad said it was pretty. Got it from Mother a while back but "lost" it in the house.

Actually, I'm not really sure what constitutes "tacky" but think it is in the eye of the beholder--not in the one who owns the "tackiness." And I have the ceramic tree made for me years and years ago by my niece--I think when we first got married (41 years ago I believe it was!!!). I did put it up in the Grandson's room. WOW!! Look at me: I have trees in several rooms just like my fancy friends!! Seems that lots and lots of people here (other places too?) like to brag about how many trees they put up around the house. Somehow I don't think they mean this kind!!

Anyway, the derned thing is up and I've done all the "decorating" I intend to do. I always thought I would, one day, have a "themed tree." You know the kind: all pretty with one theme. Well, the closest to that I will ever have is themed "family" and "fun." It has the wildest conglomeration of things on it and, as of today, not one that isn't pleasantly remembered!!!! If I didn't remember where it came from, or didn't just love it, out it went. That was fun too.

I'm worn out. Made goodies for a work Christmas party that I won't atttend tomorrow because I am iced in. Guess I will have to eat all the cookies and candies, woe is Me.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Chanukkah!! And God Bless You all!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Messing Around

Sometimes when people do stupid things it is because they have too much time on their hands, but other times, it is because they have so much to do that they are overwhelmed and do stupid things. Such as been the case for me lately at Hospice. So, the other night, it was dark and I was all alone at hospice waiting to go to Grief Group. I went down the darkened hallway to the kitchen and didn't bother to turn on the light in the hall.

At the end of the hall, is a bigger place-undoubtedly has a name-which has a fireplace, 2 chairs and across from them a couch...yes, this is going someplace.

As I glance over, -now realize that this place is not in the best area of town but the door was locked-I saw to my momentary terror, a man lying on the couch in a very uncomfortable-looking position: one arm hanging off the couch, only 1 leg which was twisted and hanging also. Let me tell you, friends, that I almost had myself a heart attack!! Nearly wet myself, I did! Well, of course, it was our medical-test dummy that the nurses had been using for testing purposes.

Several people have since told me (after I blabbed about my fears) how uncomfortable he makes them feel. Sooooooo, Thurs. and Fri. I spent dressing up that dude. Have given him a name too: he is now Hernando. Dang! I should have made him bigger cause you can't see him well enough. He has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, a red negligee, Christmas balls for earrings, and his broken off leg is crossed-kind of-over his other one. He is eating a sandwich and has a can of cola in his other hand.
I wasn't gonna tell anyone who did it but Lucy-Mae when asked by Mary, our boss (a really good woman, by the way) who did that, she responded, "I can't tell you but Sarah is really creative." So much for friends!!!! Well, let's see if this publishes. We've had issues!!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Bubble has Burst!!!

Oh the drama and trauma of it all!! We have been waiting for a few years now for high speed internet to arrive and last week, we got a notification that it would be here. Even the newspaper Sunday announced its coming. The Dad, ever astute--and less trusting--said he'd believe it when he saw it. The paper said they would have the map of sites up and running monday night and we could call or visit the website this morning. So I did: we are NOT in the area and I am so disappointed!! Yes, I counted my chickens long before they hatched. Even was planning how to get rid of the 2nd phone line.

Oh well, may that be the biggest thing I have to be disappointed about all year--and longer!

A Happy thing: we got our Christmas children and they are twin first grade girls. One likes and wants baby dolls and play dishes and food; the other wants dinosaurs and hot wheel cars and wants to be a rock star!! I'm looking so forward to getting stuff for them--especially the dinosaur one!!!!

God Bless you all.