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Musings from Mama

Thursday, December 21, 2006

He Came

Santy Came, Oh yes he did!
I"m as happy as a little, fat squid!
My cook top came and I 'm so happy and surprised: it is a glass kind of smooth top and is black and is just what I wanted but didn't want to spend all the extra $$. The Dad picked it out and really shocked me. It's going to be Christmas, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Chanukah and anything else that I can think of probably but i don't care. I'm thrilled though I don't deserve it!
I've already burned stuff on it ( well, I did cook, didn't I???) and have to learn to cook on it cause it heats much faster and higher than my old one.
Did I say I am happy? The Dad is my hero today!!!!
Happy, Happy Christmas to one and all. God's richest blessings to you all.

He Came

Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa Won't Be Coming

Oh Dear!! I've been baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I think I won't be seeing Santa Claus cause I've been so bad!

First off, started with my stove top. It's nice and came with the house I am sure. So being the slovenly housekeeper I am I hadn't cleaned under the knobs for a loooooooooooooong time. Finally decided to do so. First one, no problem; next one, a bit of difficulty coming off--so I pried it off only to find that I had broken the little post that fits it back onto the stove. BUT it is very clean under it. The Dad was willing to help me with the next one but since company was coming (of Course: why else would I have gone to all that trouble??), "we" decided to wait but he forgot and several days passed so I again proceeded to remove the second one and, guess what: I broke it too..BUT it is clean underneath once again. The fourth still has filth under it but is working! It will cost more for the 2 knobs than for a new stovetop but I still have 2 working burners. My new stovetop comes on Wed. Guess Santa could bring that, huh?

THEN, as if that weren't bad enough, I went to the Daughter's for Thanksmasgiving and ruined my car brakes to the tune of some $670. I just bravely had them fixed without even asking!!! The mechanic was apparently surprised they hadn't "locked up" on my way there. I think that's bad. He didn't look like Santa (How do I know: I didn't even take it there!) but he could have been, and probably saved my life or someone else's.
I won't even go into my other badnesses but I think I will stay safely in my little hovel here until Spring Thaw and try to stay out of trouble. I don't think I can possibly mess up anything else if I just sit quietly and learn to knit.....Fat Chance!
Hey Brian, how can I make the background pretty colors??????