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Musings from Mama

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Finally, at long last, I have the application for chaplain school! That's only the first of a long line of stuff to do but it is a first. OK, so i had to stand over our beloved chaplain as he downloaded it from Internet (he said he had had that on his To Do list forever ), but at least, it is done!!!
He "thinks" I could make it cause only 2 people from our facility have signed up but that's OK: at least I will have tried. If I hadn't pushed it, I would never know if I could have gotten in. Anyway, I will keep on doing what I do; just would be nice to know if I am doing it right!
Now it is in my hands--That's a bit scary but the Daughter can help me get started on the essay stuff. Even though I do enjoy those personality qizzes I feel uncomfortable writing about myself and that is what is asked--even citing some of the "good," helping things you have done recently--GULP!
Gee, I've been away from school for more than 40 years!!!!! Can I do it? Will never know if I don't try. And it would be one more of the 3 things I want to do before I die! May have to come up with something else!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

ENFP Continued

I didn't know how to make words on that graph they posted for me so I will do it now. It was fun and not surprising; but it didn't leave enough flexibility: was "either/or" and I am NOT for most of them!
And they misspelled "extrOvert"!


ENFP Personality

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Pow-werrrrr, Pictures and a Plea

I feel absolutely POWERFUL!!! The Dad has, at long last, entrusted to me the CHAIN SAW!! Well, I think he got sorry for me cutting out branches of the trees-big ones too- with the small saw that I could use. Remember the ones we had at preschool? One of that kind; probably one of the very ones! Well I have 2 piles too tall to burn and can't burn anyway because of our terrible drought. Please pray for rain for us! Anyway, as soon as the chain saw blades get sharpened, I should be in business. I did chop a very big branch but ended up using my little saw to finish.

Pictures: I do so hope the ones I tried to put on gets there: Did you ever see such skinny legs on one poor little girl???? Really I did feed her, honest! And the youth on those young men's faces. Yes, I guess it was Brian's graduation. If they don't come, I'll try again!

And for the plea: Please tell me WHO threw the beer cans in our woods out beside the yard-the space beside where the dogwood orchard is??????!!! I don't want it to be anyone but it would make me feel much better to know it was someone I know (and yet, I'll kill you if you are drinking that stuff here!!) than to think it was some stranger. OK now, can someone reassure me that my imagination is working overtime and it is OK? They weren't that old and had been shot at also and were full of bumps: someone is a good shot! But not in my yard, for crying out loud!

Well, have a great day and God Bless You a bunch. I am going out to feed the beasts before it rains!! It does look cloudy!!

Whee! One of the pictures downloaded in only 20 minutes. Still waiting for the other! It's always interesting to see which will happen first: the photos will download or the Internet will sign off. Sometimes one, sometimes the other!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Picture

Who is this absolutely beautiful Baby? Name him/her and I will send you a whole picture with the handsome dad also! The Dad's Aunt Ginny was cleaning out her photos: said they had a terrible time when Shirley & Charley died sorting through their pictures so "I'm trying to avoid that-not that I'm feeling bad but I am 81..." And I might add, a lively, delightful 81.

Most of the photos you kids have but a few of them you might like. Several were of one of the graduation parties; I think Brian's. And a pair of the skinniest legs on a Daughter I have ever seen! Didn't know you were so thin! I may have to post that picture also.

Remember that lovely young Sycamore tree out in the upper meadow behind the chicken house? The one with the beautiful shape? The one whose branches went all the way to the ground? Well, my project this morning was to trim it a bit so I could get under it with the mower. Let's just say that it will be years before the boys will be able to climb it now! Zacchaeus would have a hard time!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Symptom I Am Happy About

This is really ramblings about lots of stuff since I haven't been on for a while but the first one, though not the most important one is the symptom.

Well, you see, I have been afraid that I am getting Cushings again--and it has taken me a while to accept that possibility with a sense of peace about it. I understand that is quite the common thing in an illness like this. Well, anyway, the symptoms aren't huge but there. One of the worst I had before and have been having are the eye problems: bloodshot, dry, tearing and worst of all, blurring when I read or do computer. This is really bad for an old addict like me! So I have been sick and had company for the last couple of weeks and, lo and behold, my eyes are much better--no symptoms at all! Today, I went out and mowed for a couple of hours and, sure enough, my eyes gave me the same old fits. ALLERGIES, plain old allergies!!! Now, I never have had allergies to grass and outside before but since the Cushings has gone and lowered my cortisol, I have had some allergies. How very thankful I am for allergies!!!

And On to better things: The Family Came for a Visit!! I was thrilled, of course! David was here for a Conference in Nashville and so came to visit. Amanda didn't get to come, nor did Tim, and we missed them a bunch but the rest of the tribe was here and how very much The Dad and I enjoyed them! And how very quiet it has been around here since they left! I like the noise!!

Tara had the brilliant idea of putting their family into one room so we converted our bedroom/sitting room into a bedroom for them. I think it worked out pretty well but we will be having some new rules for computer use the next time! Also next time, to be fair, their family gets the downstairs "suite" and Jenny's family gets the upstairs rooms. Mark had his own "tent bedroom" downstairs which he loved. He may never want to use the "plain" bed again. Will have to adjust that for him and I am not sure Jonathan would enjoy it much. Oh well, we have more tents!!! They can all have one if they like.

And we celebrated Andrew's first birthday! Doesn't seem possible! And yet can't even remember life without these 2 precious little dudes. Since Adam's daddy wasn't here, we didn't celebrate his "Day" but he got his present from Uncle David anyway! Andrew had a ball with his cake, as you can see. We had a ball watching him--and now, today, he celebrates his "Real" birthday with his other Grandmother and I am sure she is having as great a time as we did.

Well, someone else wants Internet and so I will post the "Big Boys" photos another time. He has been so patient and hasn't even asked for a long time so to be fair... It takes a bunch of time to get them to download anyway and my attention span isn't that great. Have a nice day and God Bless you all!