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Musings from Mama

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Funny--Kind of

Finally can access my blog after a week or more of not!! And, hopefully, here is the picture I threatened last time. Still aren't finished as the Dad has to put down the molding but he has it stained and will get to it!!!

So what's funny---or not so??? OK so we're on a No Call List, right? Well, all week I have been getting this automated call saying "this is about your credit card" which one? no one knows. Mostly I have been just hanging up but yesterday I listened after the second call that day. Says they have some wonderful thing to get lower interest on ALL your credit cards. And this will be my final notice. If I want to know more about such a wonderful thing, I can press 9 to get a real operator. If I don't want any more of these calls, Press 8. Now, what would you do? I pressed 8 and got a message "You have made an invalid choice." and the message repeated itself. Now wait: I thought this was my final notice..... After trying a couple of times, I hung up. The Dad says I have to talk to a real person and threaten them if I get another call with litigation or something.

I think I have too much time on my hands if I listen to such drivel! By the way, I really don't: have been too busy since my self-imposed LOA from school to do any of the things I had planned or that The Daughter planned for me! They all sound so good, though, maybe I will just do all of them and never, ever work again. BOSH! I miss them too much!!! Everyone's been on Spring Break this week and I keep thinking of things I want to tell someone and then remember, "Oh, they're all home and not at school." "Oh, I am on leave anyway....." It should end in a week or so anyway.

Still waiting for my photo to download. Started it at the beginning of this--bad sign!!! Wheeeeee it did download. I'm so proud!! Really can't tell much about the floor from a picture. The Dad forgot the purpose of the photo and just tried to get me I think. Oh well, it's pretty and I am very happy with it.