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Musings from Mama

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In Crisis Again

Oh Woe!! I am a criminal again!!! Yesterday, when I went to school I parked in the parking garage like I always do and got a parking warning ticket for 1. parking in visitor's lot and 2. for not having an employee sticker! Now. I am NOT an employee of Deaconess nor am I a visitor but a student. When I took the ticket to security, the guy was very kind but told me that I couldn't park there. When I asked where I could park, he informed me essentially that there was no place a student could park. I just stood there looking sad and crying a bit so he took pity on me (good thing cause I wouldn't have left otherwise!) and said, "You can park on the street or, I suppose in the little parking lot (across campus)." That little parking lot is about 2 blocks away: not a wonderful nor safe place for an old lady to be walking at 2 a.m. alone to go to the car and drive off. It isn't terribly well lighted and very lonely at night though i have parked there with no problem during the day. I am not scared of walking there then.

I did manage, after driving around a while, to find a place in a convenient spot on the street near where I was staying (which is in walking distance from the hospital but not from the one across town which we also serve at night). I am sure I made an enemy of the pick up truck's driver because I parked awfully close to keep from parking over the yellow line at the curb. Took an informal poll this morning among the interns who were there and was informed that they park illegally and have gotten several tickets which they have ignored (even though it says right on it that your car can be towed!). The 2 receptionists told me that I should take it to our supervisor and he could "fix it" but, of course, he wasn't there so I e mailed him when I got home.....

and sure enough....I got an e mail right away from him agreeing with my statement that it "is NOT acceptable" on several levels especially the safety one and that it should be solved by Monday when we get back. Oh how I hate to cause trouble but if it is for the good of all, i guess it is worth the mess.

OH. And I had NO CALLS last night (but didn't sleep anyway!) Good night!! God Bless anyone who is willing to read all this. Makes me feel better!!