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Musings from Mama

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wonderful, Wonderful

So a set of my wonderful kids came to relax for the weekend---and spent the whole derned thing working!! The Daughter and Son-in-Law put up the new pool--mostly Jenny, I think, but she had great help. Then Tim put up the garage door that has been hopelessly broken for around 3 years--or so!!! He, then, worked on the other one until it needed a part that we had to order. Me? I stayed out of the way and played with the children; really big of me, wasn't it???? They worked their little fannies off--some rest it was for them, but I am so very grateful!! Next time when they come, they will PLAY!!

Made me think about getting old and needing more and more help. It was kind of scary really. This couple of weeks when The Dad has had surgery and I am in recovery, has made me think of the fact that we are older and may not be as strong as we have been. How long can we maintain our present living arrangements? Then I remember Mother who lived alone until she was in her 90's and did just fine. Hopefully, the Lord will let us know when we need to make other arrangements. I pay more attention to assisted living facilities now than I used to. I think I, for one, would enjoy the camaraderie of one of those places if I needed it....Hope it is a looooooooong time, though, cause I love this place a lot!!!

Have the greatest weekend ever!!!


Saturday, July 04, 2009

I Found a Flower!

Oh Joy!! Oh Happy!! I found a beautiful flower! As I was trudging up the hill from the mailbox, I saw it: just sitting there in the yard where The Dad doesn't usually mow. It is a pieplate (I think Sister Betty said) HYBISCUS!! That is my favorite-in-the-whole-world flower. I like the smaller ones best but never had seen a huge one until I saw one a couple of years ago in the yard of a neighbor about a mile away. We don't know how it got there. No one planted it but God I guess. I have to walk to see it but that is good for me! I have a hybiscus tree but it hasn't bloomed for the 3 years I have had it and now here is one all mine! Oh! I am soooooooo excited (yeah, it doesn't take much to make me happy). And I mowed the last 2 days: am all well from my kidney stone ordeal--at least for this time--and am drinking lemonade and water so I don't add to my collection.

And The Dad was disappointed that I hadn't posted a picture of his raccoons so If it works, here's one too. They really are cute but when I mentioned having one as a pet Someone in this family huffed and snorted (see last blog!).
Anyway, Happy Independence Day and God Bless you all!

Friday, July 03, 2009

June's Over!!!

Normally I don't whine over certain months, but June was a really terrible month for us--well, me, anyway!!

Started out bad enough when I had to go one day late to our vacation because of a "stomach virus." We left Sunday instead of Sat. and I had that evening feeling fine and enjoying the wonderful time with family. That was the last day I had that I was OK! Monday morning, I got up with a horrific kidney stone, which sent me to the hospital, and on to a urologist and on to another hospital before we decided I needed surgery at my own hospital and had to come home on Wed.

We missed the vacation with the family that I had looked forward to for a whole year--since last year!! Rats!! Came home to find that the raccoons had broken into the chicken house and eaten every one of the chickens. Larry's heart was broken and he has worked every day since, except when we had to go to the funeral--yes, that was in June too--catching raccoons and carrying them off. The 2 today made 12 that he has gotten.

I needed surgery to get rid of the stone and did well but they had to leave the stent in and it made me hurt and sick and feverish until I got it out this Wed. now I am fine--well after the vacation!! Surgery over and back home, then mother passed away. She was so ready but it is painful anyway. She will be greatly missed by everyone but it was great that she had such a long and PRODUCTIVE life!! I will miss asking her about home remedies and recipes, most of all!

If anyone asks, NO it is NOT a good idea to ride 500 miles with a stent in the ureter. Nor is it OK to ride 400+ miles with a kidney stone just so you can go to your own hospital!!!

Finally, I think, The Dad was fixing the swimming pool so it would be ready for visitors, and it caved in on him! Could have been so much worse and I know he downplayed it by saying he wasn't in danger. The rushing water knocked him down, and scraped his legs but he didn't know until the next day when he was looking for his shoes that they had been trapped under the pool. As I think about it, I could just imagine horrible things that didn't happen to him (thank God!!).

Oh yeah, and the last thing was I fell up the basement stairs and bruised my shins, face and elbows but DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING. Oh yeah, but that was July 1st I think. Guess that didn't count!!

Now for the good cause you can't just gripe the whole blog (but I just did!). The hospitals around Lakeside, Ohio are wonderful!! Well, the people in them are anyway. No one could have been nicer and the urologist I saw worked me in and was so informative and helpful! It was the most pleasant experience I could have had. Our hospital people were great too, of course, except for the crummy anesthesiologist who did my pre-op work up. He didn't believe me when I gave him my history and it was so frustrating. But the whole team that came in the day of surgery were angels!!!

The Dad did great at Lakeside: he jumped right in and played and went places with the family because I couldn't. They loved having him and he really enjoyed the children too!! Was good for him too

My precious little grandsons showed their true personalities in their concern for me and in their generosity! Little Jonathan made me a painted rock when they all went to paint--then gave me the one he painted for himself too--made me cry! Sweet little Andy kept coming over and hugging me or patting me while I was lying down. He would come into the bedroom and just grin at me. So sweet!! When they all got back home and called me, the Daughter said both Mark and Adam had told people about my "kidney stones" and were still asking me about them when we went up there for the funeral. Adam: "Kidney stones all gone, Grandma?" several times.

Good old Dad drove all the way home and all the home and back when we went Up North for the funeral--and everywhere in between and since.

I've lost 15 pounds and am not gaining it back yet. Oh yes, and now The Dad is going to get a new pool. It is small but will do until we find a better one. So company can use it anytime. And now it is July and things have to get better, right? Of course right!!

have a great MONTH and God bless everyone who has taken the time to wade through all this!